Best Quinquennial: Banana Gun

Every year we see bands come and go, but this year marked a special occasion for the folks over at Banana Gun. The band celebrated their Quinquennial (or 5 year anniversary) with a special EP, I and the Me. The EP marked the band’s second release for the year, proving that Banana Gun is doing anything but slowing down.  Read entire article.

Banana Gun: Love.Instinct

Fans of Banana Gun must be having trouble keeping still this week. After all, the long awaited follow-up to the band’s 2012 album The Elephant in the Room drops this Saturday and I’m here to tell you the rumors are true: their newest album is even better.

Love.Instinct kicks off with the fiercely rocking “Got Time” and the energy, while transmutable, never diminishes. This is not quiet sittin’ music. This is stomp your feel, shake your ass, get impregnated in a bar bathroom kind of music. And, as the album rolls into “Punk/Funk” (the second track), you’ll realize that this is serious rocknroll; blues-infused and grimy in all the right ways.  Read entire article.